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The kids of the Hallmark estate have been left home alone. While their parents are coming back with bags full of cheer and love, Krampus sets his eyes on the lonely children, and they stare back.

You play as Daniel, the eldest son in the family, who has to protect his brother and sister from Krampus' forces and stop him before he, or his siblings, are kidnapped. Saving Christmas is optional.

Made by myself and a couple of friends for erstel's 2021 Christmas Jam. We hope you enjoy it.

Install instructions

Make sure you download both the .exe and .pck files and that they are in the same folder when you run the game.

The patched version was done after the submission period was over. It fixes a bug in the starting cutscene where, by either not skipping or skipping it after the Elf's death, the game would crash as well as adding some variety to the various Christmas presents around the house. It also now fixes Santa not animating properly.

If you use the patched version, rename the .pck to "KrampusDefense.pck" and put it in the same folder as KrampusDefense.exe when you run it.


KrampusDefense.exe 33 MB
KrampusDefense.pck 86 MB
KrampusDefensePatched.pck 86 MB

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